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Written by Leslie   
Wednesday, 24 January 2007 17:51

Submit your caption for this picture of Nick/Drew/98 Degrees!
I will add the captions to the bottom of the image.


Danielle ~ WHOA! it is like 98 degrees in here
Kimberly ~ WHOA!! What on earth is THAT hanging FROM YOUR NOSE!!! EWWWWWW!!
Diana ~ man i wonder how i look naw i look goood
Jazmine ~ is this car gonna ever start working
Diana ~ damn I am hot!
Kay ~ How YOU doinnnn??
Krystyne ~ hey baby hop in
Chareece ~ I need to pimp my ride
Kathryn ~ hey baby, want a ride home? im going your way.
Nena ~ Hey Can You Help Me Out, My Truck Wont Start Now.
Sahira ~ What the heck am i doin in a desert in the middle of nowhere?
Elaina ~ I wonder if this has airconditioning..I am hot as heck.
Maria ~ Come on in and ride with me, baby ...
Tasha ~ Hop into my ride....
Derek ~ Do I look sexy or do I need be more buffed?
Tara ~ You need a lift?
Dalia ~ what the heck is that smell?
Rita ~ Hey, I will give you a ride if you take whats left of me.
Gloria ~ what do you want?
Bully ~ I think I can afford something better than this now that I sold 170,000 albums in a week!

Rita ~ Say hello to my little friend.
Tasha ~ My future is SO bright, the bad part is I forgot my shades!
Ludamall ~ Look at what the papparazzis camera flash can do to a stud!
Calvina ~ Look at what my eyes can do!
Jen ~ How about this for my album cover?!?
Maggie ~ The sun is so bright without my sunglasses

nslachey ~ Dang this is ugly!
Tara ~ Oh, I want to take you home and..............
Rae ~ Gee - just think of the damage I could do to my former sister-in-law with this... Tony: Dont do it, Drew! Shes not worth the jail time!
Tasha ~ Just what I always wanted--a gaudy disco ball. Itll be perfect in the babys room!
Danny ~ What the heck is this? This ugly thing is my trophy?
luvdamall ~ YES...we can use this as a night light in Isabellas room.

Julie ~ Hey guys take a picture of me!!!
Sophie ~ what!?
Rae ~ Gee, that cheerleader is looking hot - now why cant I move from this statue pose?
Grace ~ Hmm that pee down my leg sure does feel warm!
Tara ~ Ya, I know, I am HOT!
Jen ~ I just wanna go home and watch some sports...or maybe get a new haircut.
Tasha ~ I think I need a new hairstyle...
Wendy ~ The wind has just changed and I cant move my mouth! Help Im stuck!
Olivia ~ Hey, do I look weird?
Rosina ~ I need a Miller Lite!
V!k! ~ hmmm i wonder how sexxy i am rite now...
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