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Wednesday, 24 January 2007 17:45
Why are you a fan of Nick Lachey? Send us your reasons as to why you are a fan. Do you love his music? Do you like his personality? What do you like about him? What do you like about his music? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I've been a fan of Nick ever since 98º. Yes One reason I love him is because he's SUPER CUTE!(DUH!) I also LOVE him because he is a FANTASTIC singer! OK so I also LOVE him because of his personality. He's nice and funny and sensitive and a Great actor! AND he's NOT one of those celebrities that you always see going to jail or rehab and what not.... So anyways back to his singing.. I absolutely LOVE his voice because (in my opinion) I find it calming and.... I really don't know how to explain his voice. He also inspired me to sing. Now when I practice singing I sing songs by Nick. It only took me 2 days to learn all 12 songs from "WLOM" and "SoulO" I'm Totally addicted to Nick Lachey. (I have one CD from 98º ("98º and Rising") um.. I have Nick's 2 albums "SoulO" and "What's Left of me". I have the complete series of Newlyweds, I also have the song Ordinary Day on my Mp3 player (along w/the songs from "WLOM" and "SoulO")

Why I am a Nick Lachey fan. My name is James, yes that is correct, I am not a female. I have always liked Nick Lachey since 98 degrees however, when his new CD What's Left of Me came out, it changed my life. When that single came out, I felt so bad for him. I had to run out and buy the CD. After listening to the entire CD, (love every song), it made me want to go on-line and research more about him. After listening to his radio interviews and watching the behind the scenes videos, it really made me think of my life. I am married with 2 children and very overweight. Something he had said about how the money, cars and houses are not what's important, it family and being there for them. From that day, July 15th, I was going to make a change. Since then I have been eating right and exercising 2 times a day and I have lost 55 pounds. Nick is a great inspiration to me. I can't wait to go to his concert tomorrow. I hope you like my story. I love your website it keeps us all informed. Thank you!

The reason im nick fan is because i think he's really hot looking and he has a hot body i listen to his music i really love his music a lot cant wait to see him on tour next month i really have the hots for nick i love his smile and his looks and i also love the way he sings he's a great singer i love his voice is awsome guy every time i listen to his music it makes me want to cry because he has great songs i love his personality. i wish i could meet him one day somewhere i would love to meet nick i'll be soooooo excited and i would die over him because he's sooo gorgeous looking i want your autograph as soon as possible nick your my idol for ever.. hope to here from you soon i love you nick.

the reason that im a nick fan because he is so freakin hot. i also think that he music is fantastic. if i was older than 12 i would love to date him. i will be seeing him in concert on september 16 at valdosta ga. he is a really nice friendly guy and is so romantic. i knew when i first seen him i knew that i was going to like him. i love nick and i always will.

Well, I started liking Nick around 2006. He is sooooooooooo HOT!!!Talk about eye candy!! LOL I am so upsessed with him i love the song, What's Left of me! and i actuall have a Nick Lachey Wall in my room!! lots of pictures and stuff!!!! He is a great person and a wonderful singer so i will never get tierd of hearing his voice or the gossip about him. I support him 100%!!!!!! I LOVE you Nick!!!!! :)

I started off back in 1999 loving Nick's voice. As time went on, I still like his voice, but Im liking his music less and less. My favorite 98 Degree album was there first one, and then it goes down from here. I dont like Soulo, and Whats Left of Me isnt really my kind of song. BUT I still consider myself a fan of him because throughout the years he has not changed as a person. He's a great guy, and I will always support him.

Hmmmm reason why I am a Nick fan!!!! All because of Revelation, when I first saw "Una Noche" on T.V, I couldn't pull myself away! I mean come on.....The music was great and the eye candy! Well....*ahem* I love Nick for who he is.....The way he presents himself and how thoughtful he is of others. He's down to earth and really genuine. Nothing fake about him.....His voice is another amazing attribute! I could just sit there and listen to him for hours. His voice or just hearing him sing, makes me feel happy, even if I'm having a bad day, I'll just put his CD on and listen! He's true to his art, music! And I can see how passionate he is about it! He's not there to make a few bucks (well I guess he has to make a living) .....I just love the fact that he wants to share this with his fans..... Not to mention he's one to hypnotise you with those charming good looks and that smile! DAMN! ick is one talented man!


I've loved Nick for a few years now. The three main reasons why I love him are his amazing voice, his awesome personality and obviously his great looks. There is nobody else who could steal my heart the way Nick has. I can't wait to hear his new album and he will steal my heart all over again!

I fell in love with his voice when 98 Degrees was just starting out. I've been a fan ever since! But I'm also a fan of Nick because he is genuine, respectful, and doesn't let fame go to his head.

I am a fan of Nick's for many reasons. The first being the obvious - His music and his voice. When he sings you can't help but want to listen to what he's saying. He is an amazing songwriter and speaks from the heart.
I also adore Nick for his genuine down to earth demeanor. His art and his music are a big part of his life but they are not his life - He always has time for the more important things. The things that in the end are the most important in life. These things are his family, friends and his desire to help others (Big Brothers/Big Sisters) and contribute to his community. He does not consider himself to be above others. He's open and honest and straightforward. He doesn't add a lot of "fluff" to his answers to questions like some celebrities do. He has a "this is me" attitude that I love in people.
And of course, I can't deny that he is nice to look at! Although without the qualities stated above, he wouldn't be as hot!! His outward appearance is just icing on the cake!

I have been a fan of Nick Lachey since 1998 when 98 Degrees first started out. I had been out of high school for a few years and I hadn’t really liked a boy band since New Kids On The Block.
One day I was driving with my best friend and a song come on the radio. It was Invisible Man and the words hit so close to home at that time in my life. Every since then I was a fan of not only Nick but the whole group. Nick was the one that caught my eye with his baby blues. I feel in love with him the first time I ever really saw him. His eyes spoke to me and they said that he was a kind, caring and very outgoing person.
I love just about everything that Nick represents. He is the type of man that most women would want out of life. The one thing that has always drawn me to him was the way he loves with his whole heart. The way he loves his family and the relationship he has with his brother Drew. Nick is not afraid to speak about his feelings or show his emotions.
Nick Lachey touches my life just about each and everyday in so many ways. He can do that by looking a certain way, speaking, smiling, laughing, singing, drinking a beer, chewing gum, or even pumping gas into his BMW.
I love this man with all of my heart and soul and I think that he is a rarity. Some are fans and then there are true fans. Well I am a true fan of Nick’s and that will last a life time.

I first became a fan of Nick when he sang "Where You Are" with Jessica. I just loved his voice. Then "Revelation" came out and I became a 98* fan. Obviously, his voice is what made me a fan but as I followed his career over the years, I've come to love his personality. He seems like a really nice, genuinely good guy.

It's because I am dutch and I think its 9 or 10 years ago we had in holland a event that was called pepsipop. And at that time the backstreetboys where huge all over Europe and at that time they were the topact. Also were there introducing some new acts 98 degrees but also nsync destinys child and more new artist I cant remember good. And when 98 degrees was on stage it was overwhelming they were so good and from that moment I was a fan of nick especially his music and his voice. In person he is so nice I like him a lot and he is good looking. And he is doing great work in the usa and I love it that he is a sports fan.

I'm a Nick fan because Nick is such a down to earth, gorgeous, caring and romantic guy. He seems so compassionate towards others and about things that concern him. It's very seldom to see a man who lets his guard down to show his true emotions and not apologize for being real. I really admire and appreciate his geniuneness.He has been slighted in so many ways that have been unfair. He deserves all the best life can give him and I support him wholeheartedly.

Nancy I fell in luv with him on the very first episode of newlyweds. He is sexy, sensitive, attentive, down to earth, he sings to my sole, and he loves with all of himself no holding back. And when he talks you just feel like you are talking to your friend not some big celebrity.

I am not really a fan like i dont listen to his music i reall just think that he is the hottest guy on the fase of this earth lol DOESNT every gurl!!

I have been a fan since he began singing in 98 degrees. His voice is just amazing and the way he sings shows so many emotions. Watching him on Newlyweds also showed what an amazing, incredible, loving, respectful man he really is. He is truly a regular down to earth guy that has so much talent. He is family oriented and that's what I love about him. He is a great guy within and it shows through his music and personality. All his music comes from his heart, and you can actually feel the emotions in your heart from the way he sings his songs. He truly is an amazing man who will never change and always remember his roots. I am going to see him on May 6th in NYC. I am so excited and cannot wait to see him. Not only is he great within, but he is gorgeous on the outside too. He has the entire package! I will always be a forever fan to Nick Lachey! :)

I am a nick lachey fan 100%.I am from England and never really heard about the band 98 degrees but knew about Jessica simpson and thought her music was o.k. But when i first seen the advert for a new series newlyweds on MTV i thought that would be cool. I started to watch and i am totally hooked. I love it so much and i think im madly obsessed with Nick and i love the way he looks, his personality, his romantic ways and his music is just amazing. I get so excited about him but over here in England you dont actually hear much about him so im constantly on the web finding out the latest news. This is one of the main reasons i have joined this. I am totally obsessed. I collect autographs as well. One day my dream would be to see him in concert or just see him in real life. Nick lachey is amazing and and i get so excited just talking about him.

I am a Nick fan because he is very hot-that was first. Someone that beautiful has to have a little bit of attention. Then secondly, Nick is such a great singer, and he is very passionate and dedicated to his career. Third, I realized how sweet he is from his interviews and the volunteering in Big Brother/Big Sister program. I just love Nick & I'm a huge fan.

for the most obvious of course, the man is fine! No seriously, I've like his music, voice , and talent since 98 Degrees. I' so proud of him for going so far and doing so much. He is a great laid back, down to earth guy who seems to be really fun and outgoing. He had a good heart and a good head on his shoulders to go along with his good body and eyes! He doesn't seem to be [friend]y and proud. He's just the right combo!

I am a fan of nick lachey because I love his music since 98 degrees. I loved him on newlyweds and twins. He is my idol and everbody thinks he is hot and I think so too. I am supporting him 100% on whatever he does and on every move he makes on his career. He said that 98 degrees might come back to life and I think the group can. Nick is having really bad times right now and he tries to never look back at the bad things that happened in his lifetime. After his divorce is final he has to realize that he has to move on with life and career.

I'm a fan of Nick Lachey firstly because I admire his voice but I also like his honesty, the fact that he shows his true colours and his capacity for humanity in the world of Hollywood should be admired, xx I'm more of a fan now because finally he's showing who he is!

the reason i am a fan of nick lachey i like him and his music he is great i would like too meet him i really would he is cute too he really is i would love too date him i really would i love his new cd i am going too buy his ne cd i love his voice he is a really good singer he really is he is amazing he really is i am one of his all time favorit fan of nick lachey i would like too get a picture taken with nick lachey i really would from Kim
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