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Wednesday, 24 January 2007 17:17
Nick Lachey called into MIX 94.1 in Las Vegas on Nov. 6, 2006. They mention a few times. =)

Listen to the phone interview here or in the NF Jukebox.

When Nick Lachey was at the China Club in NY on October 13, 2006 - he mentioned this site. It's at the end of the video. (I'm glad you guys enjoy the site) :)

Click here to watch the video!

Nick mentions NF during an Exclusive 1on1 interview!

Rob: There's a lot of majorly involved Nick Lachey fan websites out. Like massive.. the size of galleries, forums and all that kind of stuff. Do you actually get a chance to go on any of those and kind of see what the fans are saying? Or do you just go on

Nick: Uh...You know there's one that I check out every now and then just cause they're good about posting quickly the television appearances. I always like to go back and analyze and critique myself. It's kind of like watching the game film.. you know. Uh.. I think it's I feel a little silly telling people I go on, but it's pretty well stocked with information. That's how I figure out where I'm supposed to be going and what I've been doing.

Rob: You get to check out your past.

Nick: Exactly, the runs of my life. was Poprepublic's Fan Site of the month for August 2005.

POPRepublic's Fan Site of the month for August 2005
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