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Written by Leslie   
Wednesday, 24 January 2007 17:16


Leslie - NY - I'm a Jeff Timmons fan, but I have a Nick Lachey fan website. Go figure! I've been a 98 Degrees fan since Invisible Man. I loved their music, but I didn't know much about the guys until I got my very own computer, which was in like the year 2002. Anyway, I saw something on TV about Nick and I decided to search for him on the internet. I came across his website (he was starting his album at that time) and I saw that it had a message board so I signed up. To make a long story short I met some really cool people on there and then about a few months later the message board was shut down. I decided to make my very own fansite with a message board and NF has been here ever since.  I've had tons of fun making this website and I hope everyone has fun visiting it. :)

I went to an Up close and personal Nick Lachey concert on Oct. 13, 2006. It was a very awesome and unexpected night. My sister and I were right up front at the foot of the stage. The radio host from 95.5 FM did a little Q & A close to the end of the show. After they were done my sister put up a note (It said that I was the owner of NickFanatic) right it front of Nick. He read it, smiled and told everyone to give it up for me. lol It's really cool that he appreciates this site and he was able to tell me in person. I got to meet the band after the show. They are great!! :)

On December 11, 2006, I went to a show in NJ. Great show! Nick did a fantastic job working the crowd. After the show, I met Nick for the first time and took some pictures.

On July 21, 2008, Nick Lachey was appearing on the Regis & Kelly show. I waited outside with a few other fans. Nick came out and greeted us after the interview. I was also able to get a video of him saying hi to his Nickfanatic.com fans. VIDEO

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