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Written by Leslie   
Thursday, 10 May 2007 20:48
 Bewitched: Buy Now - June 24, 2004
Nick Lachey has a very small part in this movie. If you blink then you'll miss it. The part where Nicole Kidman's character is flipping through the channels on the tv she stops at a clip of Nick and Will Ferrell in a war scene.

 The Hard Easy - May 22, 2007
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Review by HBO not only produces really good series; it makes some really good movies, as well. “The Hard Easy” is one of them. It’s about two shady gentlemen who have a similar problem — they owe a lot of money and have no way to pay it off. After they’re approached by thieves who ask them to take part in a bank robbery to earn some bucks, they end up getting caught up in a criminal underworld and find themselves wondering if they’ll survive. This decent film has a nice cast: David Boreanaz, Henry Thomas, Nick Lachey (yes, that Nick Lachey) and Bruce Dern.
Price: $19.98. - Rent or buy: A good rental.

 Rise: Blood Hunter - June 1, 2007
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Nick has a very small part in this movie.

 Charmed: Seventh Season - 2004
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Nick appeared in 6 episodes. He played Leslie St. Clair.
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